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We realize that you have lots of choices when leasing or buying an automobile and our desire is to ensure you have the best  car buying experience.  We consider customer satisfaction to be our highest priority. Throughout each of our departments, the emphasis is always on putting our customers' needs first.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. Everything we do is designed to make your car buying or leasing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service all add up to create a simple and painless way to purchase a world class automobile at a great price.

Please call or visit us to see for yourself how different your total automotive experience can be! We do not have any unsatisfied customers!

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"The most important success factor in any business or organization is having a customer. This is more important than the business idea, the products, the machinery, the buildings, the financing, or the people. It is customer money that pays everyone's salary, that pays for the 401 (k) plans, union dues, bonuses, vacations, health insurance, computers, and office furniture. Customers are known by many names: members, students, fans, soldiers, parishioners, and patients. Regardless of what they are called, without customers no organization can continue to survive"

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Allen Stearns

Allen is the owner of ATMCars formally known as Allen's Texas Motorcars located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He has been in the automotive industry for over 41 years. Allen specializes in finding low mileage and quality pre-owned vehicles.

Need help with your car buying checklist?

  • History Reports - Is everything reported?
  • Vehicle Damage - How does damage affect value?
  • Vehicle Condition - How do I evaluate condition beyond reports and certified checklists?
  • Guidelines - What are the guidelines for purchasing a pre-owned vehicle?
  • Reputation - How do I find out if a dealer is reputable?
  • Service History - How do I evaluate service history?
  • Questions - What questions should I be asking the seller?

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